Stable signal worldwide.

Don’t limit yourself to one operator. Our SIM connects to the strongest network. This guarantees a fixed and stable connection almost anywhere in the world.


We do not believe in small – medium – large. We give unique importance to all IoT projects. Because thanks to us, these projects use unique solutions.


We carefully cooperate with our partners and adjust processes according to the needs of our customers.


We deliver services at affordable prices that will convince you to work together.


We don’t make things more complicated than necessary. Our solution is easy and intuitive. Thanks to this, you can use it immediately.


Our advantages

SIM for all IoT segments

GPS monitoring

Fleet management operators will certainly appreciate the shared data. Fleet facilities are individual. And in terms of consumption, they can use up more data, some less.  We are aware that this cannot be predicted well. For this reason, we offer a shared package for your SIM.


Telemetry customers will definitely appreciate the SIM administration, where they can see in detail the data consumption on individual SIMs. The current consumption is displayed every 240 minutes.


Customers in the field of automation will appreciate SIM administration, detail of data consumption on individual SIMs or information on whether the SIM is connected in the network, or any number of activations and deactivations of the SIM.


The SIM life cycle is important for different sensors. Our IoT SIMs are especially suitable for the B2B segment. What are the benefits? You only start to pay for the SIM when you start using it. Each SIM has 20 kB of free test data, in addition you can activate and deactivate it at any time for free.


They are suitable for customers who often work with small data. We charge 1 KB of data to save you maximum money. If the SIM does not transfer even 1 kB for the whole month, we will not let you pay the tariff unnecessarily.

Smart City

Our SIM administration is very practical for this segment, where you can clearly name individual SIMs. You can see what device your SIM is in, you can see the IMEI device, and you can even see which operator it is connected to.


Vending customers will appreciate that their SIM always connects to the strongest operator. These customers often have a problem using the SIM in a place where their existing operator has a bad signal. In our network, the SIM simply logs in to the network where the best signal is.


Secure communication with the VPN tunnel to a private APN with fixed IP addresses for everyone. We ensure communication between the SIM card and your system via a VPN tunnel. All your data is securely transferred via the Internet.



Our advantages

What can we offer you?

Customized solutions

We attach unique importance to all IoT projects and pay attention to them individually. We create the simplest solution for the customer, reduce his data consumption costs and save his time.

Reliable security

APN security, VPN, IMEI blocking, IP address fix.

Excellent accessibility everywhere

Each of our SIMs does not use so-called “traffic steering”, which means that the SIM automatically connects to the strongest operator.

SIM management

You administer the SIM in a web application or using an API (REST or SOAP). A simple and intuitive web application where you have a detailed overview of everything you need.

SIM life cycle

You only pay for the SIM when it starts transferring data or sending SMS. You get the first 20 kB of test data the first time you connect to the network. Flexible deactivation and activation of SIM.


Setting up any automation – information about pumped data on the SIM, about pumped SMS on the SIM, blocking on the IMEI device.

We adapt the offer to our customers so that it best suits their needs.

Tailor-made offer

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