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Calling without DAT and SMS

If your application does not need to use data or SMS and you use the so-called. ringing, we have a solution for you. SIM card functional for 3 years from first use. After 3 years, you can extend the SIM again for another 3 years, or transfer to anyother tariff

SIM price 8€ + shipping

Monthly 0 €
Data 5 MB

Available 5 MB per month . In case you have more than one SIM in this plan, 5 MB is multiplied by the number of active SIMs to create  data package for use with any of your SIMs.

SIM price 2 € + shipping

Monthly 1 € exl. VAT
Do you have a completely different needs?

We will prepare a tariff exactly for your application. Data volume, SIM lifecycle , or perhaps seasonal usage.

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Our SIM doesn't work on just one network!

Our SIM does not use so-called “traffic steering”. This means that it does not have a preferred network. The SIM always connects to the strongest network in the locality where it is located.

With this function, we guarantee you a fixed and stable connection. We have coverage in up to 195 countries worldwide!
The SIM cards connects to more than 420 networks and always chooses the strongest one.

You don't pay even 1 kB extra!

You will not pay an additional 1 kB in the Pay as Use tariff. We charge by 1 kB. This variant is suitable for the use of up to 1 MB of data per month.

Pay only for the SIM you use

We are able to set up various automations that are guaranteed to save you costs, ask us!

Free sms

With us, you are able to send an SMS from the portal to the SIM for free, very easily.

Monthly deactivation

Contracts without obligation? We have! Don’t need a SIM? With one click in SIM management, you deactivate it and then you no longer pay for it. If you decide to use the SIM again after any time, you will activate it yourself without the help of an operator. And with just one click in the application. You can do this operation indefinitely and completely free of charge.


Possibility to set various blockings using automation. E.g. SMS blocking after a certain number of sent SMS. If the SIM overflows a certain amount of data, you can deactivate it or you will only receive an information e-mail about which SIM has overflowed a certain amount.

IMEI lock

The IMEI is a unique device identification number. We will set the option that the SIM will only work on one device. We block it for a specific IMEI.

administration, sim management

Private APN
fixed IP addresses

SIM administration is simple and intuitive. Used for easy SIM management. Here, for example, you can see in detail how much data consumption SIM has. You also have the option to activate or deactivate the SIM. With this administration you can also use functions such as Cancel Location or SMS free.


With this function, in case of freezing, you can restart the path between the control panel and the device with one click. All this without the help of an operator.


You can send a free SMS to your SIM via SIM management. This feature is often used on devices that can be set up via SMS.


One click without operator assistance deactivates the SIM if necessary. For example, when you no longer need a SIM and do not want to have unnecessary expenses for it.

Shared Data

We assume that some of your devices may consume more data, some less. We are aware that this cannot be predicted well. Therefore, we will not set a certain amount of data for one SIM, but we will set up a shared package for you.

SIM in any size

We know that every IoT project can have a different solution. And devices that SIMs are installed in as well. That’s why we bring you all SIM variants.

We do not do SIM breakout, but separately. This is for better handling of the SIM when inserted into the device and to prevent the SIM from being released in the application during operation.